ready-keepBerrys' Amontillado Estilo, Medium Dry, Jerez, 18.5%

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The House of Lustau is one of the greatest names in Sherry, and it pioneered a system of working closely with the smaller producers, known as Almacenistas, who blend and age sherries of great individuality. Long-term partnerships of this nature have resulted in a range peerless in its diversity and quality.

The Amontillado Estilo has been especially blended for us by one of these merchants and aged in Solera for several years to achieve a unique depth of flavour and richness of texture. An Amontillado is essentially and aged Fino, that is to say it maintains the tangy delicacy of the Flor-matured Fino, but then has been, over time, deliberately oxidised to add nutty complexity and an extraordinary depth of flavour to its yeasty core.

Hugely under-rated, sherry is one of the great drinks of the world; the Estilo is a more than worthy ambassador for the category.

Simon Field MW, BBR Buyer
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