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Berrys Erevamped Madeira wine range is now available in the popular 50cl format The range of four covers the gamut of styles, and all wines have been up-graded from 3 and 5 year old to the 5 Year Old Premium category. All, most importantly, have been matured by the superior 'canteiro' method, whereby the ageing is achieved naturally by allowing the casks to mature in the lofts of the lodges.

The Meredith is part of the traditional ship-series nomenclature, an evocation of C19th colonial life where trade and war (and indeed trade wars) were often carried out at sea, indeed always carried out at sea for a remote Atlantic island such as Madeira. The Meredith is the richest member of the family, made in the Malmsay/Malvasia style; its characteristic mahogany colour leading to encyclopaedic notes of figs, toffee, dried fruits and roasted nuts. The counterpoint between sugar and acidity is astonishing; the wine is wonderfully full-bodied, sweet and exceptionally long.

Simon Field, MW - Wine Buyer
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