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Berrys Erevamped Madeira wine range is now available in the popular 50cl format. The range of four covers the gamut of styles, and all wines have been up-graded from 3 and 5 year old to the 5 Year Old Premium category . All, most importantly, have been matured by the superior 'canteiro' method, whereby the ageing is achieved naturally by allowing the casks to mature in the lofts of the lodges.

Berrys' Rainwater is a medium-dry Madeira. Shrouded in historical mists of Atlantic crossings and open casks absorbing rainfall on the beaches of Funchal, this is a subtle and evocative wine. The Rainwater style, traditionally associated with the Verdehlo grape variety has an inimitable, timeless quality with notes of almonds and dried fruit underpinned by a firm streak of acidity and a smoky backdrop.

Simon Field, MW - Wine Buyer
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